Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holy smokes...

I think my last post was right around when Joe went to Washington, DC for the start of a huge travel swing.  I had just gotten (and accepted) my new job that involves going to Japan for 5 months in 2016 (as a family - woohoo!) and everything at work was crazy....

And here we are just before Christmas...

I'm going to slowly tick away at all the goings on since my last post in upcoming posts...we've done so much and I've shared bits and pices on various social media sites, but nothing here.  Fairs, grandma visiting for two awesome weeks, trips to Japan, Disneyland, San Diego, Christmas activities.  Wow...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Random life...

A few of the adventures we've had lately.  Logan's I exploring Manchester Beach on the first day of Joe's trip to Hawaii and date night to metropolitan grill to celebrate our 14th anniversary!

Poulsbo Beer Run 2014

Race recap...Joe was in Hawaii and had signed up for the fall Poulsbo Beer Run.  I said I would run it...but was not overly enthusiastic.

I knew I needed to get Logan on board with sitting in the stroller for 4 miles.  As it was, he was getting a smidge better with more than two laps (about .8 miles per lap) on our block.  I did not have high hopes.

And then I broke out our costumes and he was totally on board.  

Making sure you fuel, stretch and mentally prepare is super important for race day.

Funny Joe.  He asked me what I wanted on my bib..."just Jenna".  Humph. I had no idea he'd take me so literally.

Preface selfie!

Logan's first selfie.  Look at that happy boy.

This was about 2.75 miles in.  It was hot, but we were having a great time.. Ther were a lot of walkers. So many that Logan started saying "On your left, please."  So cute.  

I didn't enjoy the beers nearly as much as Joe did, but it was a good time.  I knew it was time to move on to touch a truck when he was all done....

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Touch a truck...and Lunch!

After the Poulsbo Beer Run, Logan and I hit the touch a truck event in Albertsons parking lot.  The event has been happening annually for about 24 years.  I spoke with one of the truck owners who had been doing it that entire time.

Look at me in this tire! And mty cool medal!

Skid steer time.  Mom is actually letting me sit in it.  Side note...Logan was awesome with waiting for his turn and letting other kids have turns when I showed him that kids were waiting.  

Deuce and a half!

We were done with the event when the horns started sounding and they freaked him out.  As we were leaving, I asked him if he wanted sushi or grilled cheese for lunch.

Sushi won.  I got these awesome Einstein chopsticks in Yokosuka when I was there earlier this year.  He loves using them...and I love that he enjoys sushi and other Asian food.  Prepping him food wise for being there for 5 months in 2016!

Soapbox Derby

This is old by now, but a few weeks ago, Logan and I headed to a local soapbox derby just a few miles away.  I work with the race director, so he let Logan sit in his daughters car, gave us advice about how to watch the race (and the etiquette) and was generally pretty cool.

Logan was hesitant to get into the car at first, but once he did....

Happy faces all around!  He had a hard time being convinced to get out of this car and into the more custom car...

We spent about 20 minutes watching the race from here.  He went "racing" for a bit (10 feet) and was enteral led with sitting in the car.  We walked down the track and he loved watching those kids zip by...we have another chance in September to go watch and I'm hoping it works out!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rainiers Baseball

We were so excited to check out the Tacoma Rainiers, the AAA affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.  Plus they had a reindeer named Rhubarb for their mascot.  Oh, and Logan's friends Emmett and Finn were going to be at the game. Logan was beyond excited to see these friends...and their parents.  

Reindeer are better than people. And when Joe sang it to Rhubarb, he took joes face between his hands letting Joe know how sweet it was.  Awesome!

Sharing popcorn with his buddy Emmett.

Rhubarb visited the family section and it was high fives all around!

Finally, post game all the kids were able tun run the bases.  Joe and Logan had a blast!

What a fun time! Can't wait till next year for another fun outing!

Saturday, August 09, 2014


Boat +camping = bamping.

Our first overnight trip on the boat with Logan and my first overnight trip on the boat.  We had high hopes of making it to Blake Island for dinner, getting some of the 1000 feet of available pier space and chilling there overnight.

It didn't quite happen like that.  We got a bit later of a start from poulsbo than particular reason, but shift turnover at the gas dock didn't help. Logan loved peeking up from the window in the main cabin at the seals in the harbor and settled in nicely with the ipad once we got underway.  We set two crab pots and as they were going down near Brownsville, we spotted her.

The ex-USS Constellation, CV-64.  We knew she was starting her journey towards a Texas recycling yard Friday but we had no idea about the time, etc.  even though we were quite a ways behind her at this point, we thought we might catch up.

"Look at the big ship like the ones mommy and daddy work on!"

We turned the corner and there she was...

Ok. So now that we were past the Connie, Joe had Blake in his sights.  And he was starting to get worried.  The mooring balls,  which would normally be ok for an adult to moor at for the night, were quite a ways from the pier.  A toddler, a mom and one rowing adult in an inflatable raft going to shore did not sound like a killer recipe for our first trip.  Logan was hanging in there, but it was only a matter of time for him.  I had been feeding him lots of snacks because I knew dinner was going to be a little late, but not getting off the boat much at all? Did not sound fun.  So, we kept our fingers crossed.

And it didn't work out.  All the pier space was taken.  Joe made a quick decision and turned the boat around for Illahee state park, where he could moor for free (thanks to the state of Washington for giving disabled vets free overnight moor age).

And guess what we saw again?  

One last look!

Joe hard at work leaving Blake island in our wake. 

Joe sped to Illahee, got dinner on the grill and we were happy.  It was 8pm, but Logan had stretched his legs, ran around and seemed to be settling down.

We were enjoying the colorful sunset and the views of Rainier...

One last walk for night.  Sure, right.  Bedtime is around the corner...

And then finally at 10pm, he fell asleep.  10 pm.  To bed.  Finally.  I was so frustrated.  Beyond frustrated.  The wine was so good and so well deserved. 

We were all sleeping pretty well.  A little cold, but I thought for sure we  would have at least till 6 or 7. 
Until 5am came and someone was awake. Wide awake.  WTF??!?

So, we dinked around until 7am, got moving in the boat and finally left around 8am.  We picked up the crabs (only 2 this time) and made our way home.

I know that it was a risky thing to do this trip with the kiddo and it will only get better from here on out. We definitely have some lessons learned for future trips, but I hope this starts a great tradition of bamping for the McGrath household!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Zoo Times

Ah, another lovely Sunday morning at the Point Defiance zoo for Logan and I.  It so funny how the tempo of our visits has changed. This was my first stroller free visit and the kid was a rock star with running around everywhere!  It was going to be a hot one, so we got there just as the zoo was opening up. Logan loved walking down the stairs and we beelined right for the sharks.  We headed downstairs where the sharks are and a younger girl with her parents wandered down the stairs.  Logan was all about showing her the sharks, saying hi to the fishies and running back and forth between the windows.  When we finally left the aquarium, Logan waved bye to the sharks and said "bye sharks!"

We wandered over to the budgies, fed them very well (although the birds weren't approaching at first...I think it takes them a bit to find the sticks when everything opens up) and kept wandering through the zoo.

  The monkeys were looking especially sad in their enclosure...I still have a hard time with zoos.  We went the the kid area, played, fed the goats and then hit the carousel.  He did awesome but there was a little freak out in the middle that we worked throu. He was having a blast on his zebra by the end.