Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sheesh...what a weekend!

Friday night was nice - spent time with a friend from work with her stitchery group. Neat to get together, chat, work on projects.

Saturday flew by...normal running around (scored big time with Fuji photo paper from Staples), chatted with Joe and (drumroll, please) I changed my own oil. Now, being an engineer, this might not sound like a big deal...but it was a first for me and I was pretty happy...then, while I was changing my oil, a phone call came about the Saturn. Sweet! I went out to start up the Saturn when lo and behold - there's literally 1/2 inch of water in the car. The sunroof gasket had been leaking in the heavy rains. So, got the car into the garage (again...I don't drive stick, so this was a bit of something...only stalled it once, I must say) and started vaccuuming...and vaccuuming...and vaccuuming....and sopping up water...and setting the fan on the car.

Here comes still not dry...went to same friend's family who I spent Friday with for Easter dinner and modern church service (very odd for someone raised Catholic and so used to the regimine). Whew. I don't know where the weekend went!

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