Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Block Leave!

Well, after a rough start in Georgia (no blanket due to post policy, rummaging for a pillow) that resulted in a woobie being mailed across country...there's good news!

Joe's going to get about 6 days of block leave in May prior to deployment! We weren't sure if this was going to come through or not...or if he was going to be given a 3 day pass since he reported to the unit after a certain date.

I don't have a lot going on right now. I finished up doing the Science Olympiad stuff I had going on (just judging the regional and state competitions) . Some of the neat blogs I've found lately? Accidental Hedonist and Tasting Menu Both are Seattle based food blogs...and, all you Midwesteners/East Coasters will be glad to know that they recognize the great pizza in Chicago and NYC! Mmmm..I do miss Giordano's!

Anyone out there watch Amazing Race? What was up with Kelly in last night's previews? Sheesh...

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