Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hey all!

So, Joe's headed up "north" soon...as a lot of you saw in the email, he's not convoying up. I guess some people are volunterring to convoy! What?!? Are they stupid?

So the wedding last weekend was nice....it was one of those non-denominational Christian ceremonies. Everyone looked beautiful (of course!) and it was a nice group of people. The weather was a little weird - it didn't rain, but was chilly and very windy....

The vows were a little odd...they was a comment from the minister about the wife submitting to the husband (cause this is what the bible says) and how this is a good thing. Also, in the husband's vows were the requisite "love, honor" etc...but in the wife's?! "obey" along with the love and honor....submit might have been in there too, but I was so taken aback at the obey... Huh?! I really didn't think that people wanted that in their vows anymore.

I'm glad that wasn't in the vows Joe and I took.....

Looks like the "nuc-u-lear" option threat didn't work...didn't realize that the congress was supposed to be a rubber stamp for the Pres. Checks and balances anyone? Or about the fact that the previous president didn't even get all of his judicial nominees out of committee? I guess we'll choose to overlook that...

Oh - the new Sleater Kinney album arrived yesterday! Woohoo! It's amazing....the guitars are just phenominal....there's more of the banshee sound on this album than on the last couple....but it's just breathtaking. Can't wait till next week!

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