Sunday, May 29, 2005

long weekend

So, not much is going on here. It's a long weekend for me (yay!). I've finally gotten some time to weed-whack and work outside. The temps have cooled down greatly here (it was up in the 90s a couple of days here) and our morning clouds have returned. I love the northwest.

Plus, I've been busy - Friday night was stitchery for the would have been more productive, but I didn't bring enough of the cross stitch pattern...duh.... Saturday some of our friends were having a bday party for their daughter and I had my framing class! I'm feeling very crafty now that I can go do all this framing. I came home and found about 4 things to take in there...this is so cool cause I can do it all myself and pay cost for the materials. I guess the prices are about 30-40% less than Michaels with their 50% off coupon...sweet. Today, going to another friends for a bbq. Have to make Grandma's awesome rhubarb crunch to bring.

That recipe brings so many good memories...growing up when Grandma was still in Dolton...I remember eating that for breakfast and dinner almost all summer long...and, while there are different recipes for crunch - Grandma Dora's is still my favorite. Side note - at stitchery Fri night - 3 of us brought different rhubarb recipes. It's one of those things that thrives out here...

So, I guess y'all want to know what's up with Joe. As of yesterday, he's still in Kuwait. The atlanta newspaper reported that units started moving up into Iraq...but not Joe yet...soon, probably...

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