Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Love the critters!

the dog and cat were so cute the other night when I was on the computer. The cat was in here normal spot on the futon - kind of half sleeping. The dog wandered up to her and started sniffing, with the tail wagging full throttle...I told him to "watch it" and he backed off a little...then he laid he head on the futon next to her (with him still standing) and she started grooming him...the tail was still going. Every once in a while he'd sniff her a little, but he'd lay his head back down...finally she started with the claws and he kind of gave up.
It was sweet...

So, anyone who's been out to visit us knows that we're off in the woods and have timberlands around our place. It's a great area for the dog (except for the ticks...but, oh well)...I really enjoy taking him out for our daily walk. Usually they're about 45 mins - 1 hr...and it's long enough to let me unwind and relax from the day. Yesterday, though, I chose a bad trail...with all the rain we've had I didn't realize just how muddy the trails would Sabot ended up laying down in a gigantic mud puddle. I swear I had a half chocolate lab....and then he grinds himself into the mud...what fun!

Finally go check out poundy - it's the blog of Wendy McClure who's an awesome writer. She's done BUST and TWOP...and has a new book out that's awesome..."I'm not the new me" She's from Chicago (yay! I miss Chi-town) there's a few chicago references in the book.

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