Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Well, the duffel bag has arrived safely! Whew! Joe's out cutting down trees right now so we have a 30 foot(ish) boundary around our house without trees...

So, annoyance of the day...the First Lady's statement about math teachers:

I was not a very good math teacher. And I think that's kind of a problem in elementary schools, especially women teachers. They're great in the language arts, and not so great at math.

Check it out in this NPR report.

Funny, but most of my math teachers in grade school and high school (including my AP Calc teacher) were women...and I think it worked out fine for me...AND - my mom was a math teacher...and a pretty good one at that (at least 1 of her students went onto engineering...and she went to my high school also). Argh....

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  1. Yeah, and Lilah is a Math Major and a smarty-pants to boot.
    Sometimes people just say things that they think will do a good thing without thinking that it could also be very demeaning in another context.