Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Random Thoughts

So, it's great to have Joe here for a few days..he's getting lots done I never would get to...we made a run to Ft Lewis today so he could buy some stuff that the unit ran out of and so he didn't get issued.

Even though he bought a few minor items today (patches) and will probably get the boonie cap (in the new pattern) and socks, he still doesn't have a weapon he's deploying with (the unit is all FUBAR'd, in case you couldn't tell by now). We've come up with several good solutions to the problem:

1) A pen. After all...a pen is mightier than the sword.

2) A pen with a Gerber 100 mph taped to the end... instant bayonette!

3) A two-pronged ocular poking device. We were joking about this earlier today and then Jon Stewart had this awesome technical name for it on the Daily Show...can you guess what it is??

Speaking of the Daily Show....have you seen him lay the smackdown on the Crossfire people? If not, get yourself over to ifilm and watch it...just search for jon stewart.

Have a great night!

ETA: If I could get item 3 typed right the first time, it would be a whole lot funnier...sheesh.

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