Monday, May 02, 2005


Joe's coming home today for a few days of leave prior to deployment. His flight from Savannah was delayed due to fog so he missed his connection out of Atlanta. Now, he's getting in 6 hours later than scheduled...but, he noticed he's in First Class out of Atlanta, so he's a lucky person! Dang...this is like the 2nd or 3rd time he's been comp'd an upgrade...

Time's flying here...thunder last night...there was one cloud passing over that kept rumbing. No lightning (thunderstorms don't happen but maybe once a year out here)...Sabot kept looking up at the sky and the cat just kept rolling around in the driveway...

Joe's hops are growing like mad...3 of them (fuggle, cascade and something else) are all a little over 3 feet high. Seems like every time I water them, we end up getting rain. My little garden is starting to sprout...this year it's carrots, spinach, lettuce, chives and peas. All things that will grow nicely without the heat...I tried peppers one year and that didn't go so well.

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