Saturday, May 21, 2005


Gotta tell ya - I got a telemarketer to hang up on me! So, Thurs night I got a call from Sallie Mae asking about consolidating my student loans...I've investigated this before and I've made some phonecalls and found out that it wasn't right for us. I want to keep my repayment terms (10 years total) and my interest rates have bonus deductions in them for paying on time...consolidation extends your repayment period - any even still my payment would be about $25/month higher than it is now.

So, I was asking how it could help me, telling her I wanted to keep my repayment time, etc, etc. And finally she gave up!'s the little things.

I'm headed up to Sequim (pronounced "S-quim" not "see-quim") today for a wedding in an outdoor garden. It's supposed to be the sun belt of the area up there....but it's been so rainy here for the last week or so that I have my doubts. I think they got a tent just in case...

I have a bunch of pics from my Grandma Dora up around the house...and realized that I should probably not have the original pics up so they won't fade. So, I think one of these days I'll be doing the old Kodak Photo center thing (or something like it) as I tried scanning and printing from home and everything is *way* green tinted - even though it's black and white.

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