Sunday, September 18, 2005

Back home!

Back from Philly...

Wow! in a word - AMAZING!!! This is going to be an amazing year. However, I need to get going on my reading and stop slacking on the net. Nuff said.

But, philly was great. The hotel was right next to the Reading Terminal Market...and the food there was yummy!

My team is's going to be a blast...I hope...gulp.

Note to self: do NOT go to MasterCuts the day before something like this. I wanted a trim and to get the layers taken out. I leave with the worst haircut ever. This is even worse than the one last year that was super short. Because at least that was a good haircut - just not to my liking. This sucks. Now I have to pay more money to get it fixed. Bleh.

It's weird to come home without my sweetie here....kinda sucks actually. But, only 12 months to go till he's home for good.

I found out how dangerous Big Lots is for scrapping stuff. At least it's all $1 each. I probably would have paid at least double if not triple that in the store. Course, I probably wouldn't have bought it at that price in the store. So, given all the stuff I bought - needed to organize....luckily that went fast.

I guess I need to get going. Want to relax and read a bit tonight. Covey here I come!

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