Tuesday, September 06, 2005


So, I can't believe how hooked on scrapbooking I'm getting. I love going through all our old pictures and figuring out how to put them together. Course, I look at layouts on sites like 2peas and just get blown away. Mine are like baby steps compared with so many of these...maybe I'll get there.

The other thing I love about sb'ing? Shopping for it. There are so many cool little things to buy for pages...Sheesh. Maybe one of these days I'll post a couple of layouts.

One thing I'm having trouble with are the so-called heritage pages...basically documenting family history. I need to interview my Grandma Dora and my Grandma Helen and Grandpa Howard to learn more about them....don't know the best way of doing it. I also want the pages to look very nice..so I'm taking longer with then than any of the others.

Oh - yay! Good news for Joe's R&R! It's been moved back to this year. A month later than we thought, but still. I thought it was going to be February till I saw Joe. We're still going to do the whole Europe thing...so that's awesome.

I finally got 2 more walls of the living room painted. Only 1 wall and the ceiling left. It'll look great once it's done. Also need to get some artwork framed down at Ft Lewis one of these days.

Going to Philly soon for my USDA training. Very excited to get this going. But, dress is business casual?! I wear freaking jeans every day to work! Ack! Guess it means khakis and decent pants, but still!

Ok..enough for now.

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