Tuesday, October 18, 2005


in a funk today.

A whole bunch of stuff...work to home. Just. Bleh.

The dog was a stinker at the vet. He's starting to squirm away from shots...luckily he can be bribed with food...but he's too big...so that's not good...mom's been feeding him too much people stuff. I know - bad puppy mom. What can I say. I'm a sucker for his eyes...

Work is just...grr...not work so much. But issues with people at work. Oh well...not much longer now...

I know I'm a difficult person. I'm a brat sometimes...heck - I'm even pretty bitchy a chunk of the time (oh, and Joe will agree with that in an instant). But, that's me. I don't tolerate BS from people and I hate ignoring it. I tend to call people on it...probably should keep my mouth shut more. But I'm tired of being quiet. I don't like people making fun of others in restaurants...I don't like sexist comments (i.e., generalities about men do this and women do that)...and I hate people poking fun of others when they're within earshot. I mean - really. Is this grade school.

Half the time I'm passive agressive about it. I sit quiet then bitch later.

Grr all around today.

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