Tuesday, October 25, 2005


We had the fringes of Wilma yesterday. really nasty weather - wondering why I left Seattle. but, a cold front must have moved through today cause it's dang cold out.

Still nothing on the damn leave. Airfares haven't gone up at all, but it's just frustrating.

I emailed our congressman - and then Joe said that wasn't a good thing. So, I sent another email, Joe sent an email and then I received an email back from the congressman's office saying they only deal directly with the soldier anyway.

Training is going well.
Oh well.

There's a "mini" cheesecake factory in the mall so I'm going to go get some yummy cheesecake.

See ya!

PS - Jason - the rick steves packing cubes are shown here. And they rocked. Everything was organized, space was maximized. Very cool.

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