Sunday, October 16, 2005


I can't believe it's been almost 8 full months that Joe's been gone. On the one hand - it doesn't feel like that long. I keep thinking he'll drive up (in the Saturn that I sold) and it'll be like the end of any other work day. On the other - it feels like an eternity. I guess I'm happy that I've been on a project at work and that the next few months should be busy. I can't imagine being stuck up in the office with each day dragging by. I'd be miserable.

The thought of R&R is all-encompassing (sp?) right now. I've started looking through all the travel books I have....yes, I'm a planner. I'm concerned that in Ireland we might be going to towns where all the B&Bs are closed for winter...but so far so good (all advertise winter prices). I hope that he finds out thursday. Then I can buy plane tix, do the rental car (Ireland) and hotel for london then shoot out emails to B&Bs asking about availability for Edinburgh and Ireland.

I even bought books for DC today. I'm a geek about that stuff. I love maps and guidebooks to help. I went to some really neat places in San Diego that other people didn't b/c of the guidebooks (Solana Beach, this awesome farmstand up in Rancho something or other).

Annoyance for today? Why does Costco only have 1 person on the membership be the "decision maker"? They scanned my card while I was at the checkstand for the executive member thing...and, yes, I should probably upgrade. But the guy said something about me not being able to make that upgrade?! WTF! Utilities I can maybe understand. And, I realize my name could be there too vice Joe's. It's just that whole asking husband for permission crap that gets my blood boiling. I said to the guy "actually, I can make that decision b/c of POA as my husband is in Iraq". didn't help...but grr.

I hate that. I hate feeling like I have to have permission to do this crap. What bullshit. Why can't it be a joint account with both people making decisions?

I recommended to a person at work to get a POA as he and spouse travel a bit and it's a major pain in the ass to try to get stuff done without one if the accounts are only in 1 persons name...

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  1. Wierd. I mean, beyond the fact that you said "I'm a geek".

    Seriously though, our Costco account is in Lilah's name and I ended up upgrading it while we were in Hawaii without any problems.

    You just had a poopy-head helping you out. :j