Saturday, October 08, 2005

Worn out...

from everything. Work, home...Joe being gone. It sucks. Really bad. I appreciate how people ask how he's doing but I'm also tired of the saga "Fine. Staying Safe. Waiting for R&R."

The dog was whining at 3am to go outside. Guess he didn't take care of business before bed like I thought. So, stuck him outside the door...and he whined until I got up at 3:30. Yes. That's AM...for work this week.

I read other people's blogs and they're very chatty and have a lot more insight into things. Guess I'm just not that type of blogger...or I'm afraid of offending people.

Joe saw a pic posted on a friend's blog of Sabot and I...he said that one of us looked fat (and it wasn't me). WHAT?!? He has a can see ribs...just cause he's stout. Well. Poor baby. I won't tell him what his dad called him.

I'm ready for a change at work....looking forward to the challenges that are coming up. yay!

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