Monday, December 12, 2005

Another week down.

So, another week...

Did my first briefing this week and I think it went ok. I was psyched because when I started the brief there was hardly a soul in the room - no stars or SES'ers. Yeah - that changed quickly when they all wandered in after I had started. Oh well. It was interesting. I was pretty nervous but it's great having the support from home. All these people from the yard come in every time there's this meeting at 0530 Pacific Time just to be on the phone. Otherwise, it would have been brutal for me.

Still learning the ropes but I'm getting more comfortable with the expectations.

I can't believe how small the metro area is. People talk about commuting from 10-15 miles away and it takes them an hour (by car)!! Sheesh!

Started taking the metro this week. It's very quick and easy - and then I don't have to deal with the traffic situation. Plus, on days like Friday where there was slush on the ground (and a 2 hour delayed start for ALL DC federal employees), there are so many people who don't know how to drive in that...and I'm not comfortable in the Impala in those conditions. Now, my cavalier or the honda? No worries...

Also - looks like my schedule for being here is a little in flux. I'm supposed to go to N43 (Navy Budgeting) in March. But, they already have someone with them in March and they said Feb would be better. That would work out well anyway as in Feb they prepare congressional testimony. So, working on that right now. have a few more bumps till that gets settled.

Bought tix to spend Christmas in Chicago....NOT flying in to Midway!

So, for sightseeing - went to the National Archives Saturday and saw the constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. pretty cool. It's wild because after the British Library where NO pictures were allowed, I wasn't expecting to be allowed to take pics (albeit, with no flash). The hall where these are was recently renovated and all 4 pages of the constitution are on disply. Guess they only used to show the 1st and last. Plus, there was one of 4 copies in existence of the Magna Carta on display. Lucky me - I saw one of the other ones just a few weeks ago!

Ok, so wandered from there up to Dupont circle, walked around there a bit, then hiked over to Georgetown. Now - I was wanting to stop at the National Textile museum and check it out...but another time. Maybe if Mom comes out here - I know she'd get a kick out of that.
Georgetown was neat. The houses were lovely...a lot like alexandria with that older feel. And - there's a brand new LUSH in Georgetown (the first in the DC area). So, of course I had to get a couple of bath bombs. Sigh...and I lamented the loss of Pineapple Grunt to one of the employees. Honey I Washed the Kids just doesn't do it for me. But, it was a great day - cooler (ok, downright chilly) but it was lovely. The crowds were insane - I can't believe people drive and park down there!

Another thing - all these cute little stores have doggie books - and lots of labrador books (101 uses for a labridor)...sigh, I miss the dog.

Saturday night I saw the new version of Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly as Eliza Bennett and ??? as Mr. Darcy. I tried to keep an open mind going into the show - as I've seen the BBC version..oh....many, many times. It's one of those DVDs I pop in when I'm around the house, as I've seen it enough times I don't actually need to watch it anymore (though I love to). It was good..and I enjoyed it. There were parts and things I enjoyed way more than the BBC version. And if I could combine the two in certain areas...but, really now - who but Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth could play Eliza and Mr. Darcy?

Oh - and Joe called! Hooray! He's so hating his job now that he's spending 4 more hours at work than he has to! Poor sweetie.

Sunday was wonderful - I called my friends Chris and Tracey to see what was up and to see if I could drop by on Sunday - and they invited me to go (with Chris' parents) to Annapolis. Hadn't been there....wanted to make it there during my time here, but had no idea how to get there (as the only map I've purchased so far is for DC). Very cute town. The Naval Academy looks very nice....I'm sure I'll see it again when Madison is a midshipwoman (??).

Anyway - that's my week and weekend!

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