Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another weekend

Well - another interesting week and fun weekend.

This past week was my first "real" brief - and I was anticipating a doozy based on some of the work we have right now, status, etc...and - based on how the previous day went for the other briefer. So, I was here till 8pm reviewing my brief, calling the yard, etc and then I worked a little longer at home. Sigh. Now I know how people can do that. It was (I think) the first time I have brought work home since I've been at the yard.

Anywho - it was a letdown. The heavy hitters didn't show up and it was mostly smooth sailing! Whew!

So, the weekend. I saw P&P again with my friend Tracey. It was a little more enjoyable the second time, but it's still so lacking for substance when compared with BBC.

On a whim, I decided to go tour the capitol...very neat. The rotunda is breathtaking - the freize (I think this is the spelling) is so well drawn that it looks like a sculpture. The last time I was in this area was pre-9/11 (with Ben Davis). And it was so much more accessible to the public. And, there was a protest against male circumcision. Weird.

then, heard that congress was going to be in session since they are so far behind with work that they were working on Saturday in the afternoon. So, I walked over to the office of one of my Senators and got gallery passes for the House and Senate. Walked around a little more until the right time (when they would be in) and ended up in Eastern Market. Neat area. I'll have to explore a little more another time.

It was weird - I don't know what I was expecting - maybe more people actually in the rooms. There were 2 or 3 senators at the most in the chamber and slightly more (maybe 20) representatives. The politeness was amusing and they were debating embryionic stem cells and then the patriot act reauthorization.

In between the tour and the gallery though, I went to the Botanical Garden and the American Indian museum. Both were great - the flowers (orchids mostly) were striking. But the other museum really stood out. The architecture was great, the cultural focus was well presented. It was so well put together to be a representation of not only the past but the culture now.

So, that was Saturday. Sunday I worked and then saw the new Harry Potter movie. Fortunately, it's been ages since I read this one, so I couldn't compare what was missing/changed. I know that the actor that played H.P. hasn't been recognized for wonderful acting but I think he portrays the discomfort in the position rather well. If that made any sense.
It's chilly here. I guess it's unusual for it to be this cold. But, we'll see..

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  1. Hey, when are you leaving? We mailed you a Christmas card on Tuesday (late, I know) and I'm not sure it will get there on time.

    Anyway, just in case: Merry Christmas! :jnl