Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Having fun in DC

Well...I'm finally settled and have internet access...at least part of the time!

I haven't gotten out to explore during the week at all - mostly because my job is keeping me so dang busy! It's a nice change of pace and a new set of challenges - completely different frame of mind that I have to have in order to get the info conveyed correctly. It's been a very crazy week and I hope the learning curve isn't too steep...though I think I know the answer to that question.
Joe's safely (?!) back in the sandy place. Less than 6 months to go.

Let's see - from my apartment window I can see the Pentagon, Washington Monument and Capitol Building.

This weekend was nice - it was a little chilly...and today it's supposed to snow.

But, I went for a drive on Saturday and ended up at the Dulles Airport branch of the Air and Space Museum. Very cool - they have a blackbird, the space shuttle Enterprise and the Enola Gay (among lots and lots of other planes). The only thing that stunk was the $12 parking fee. I, of course, didn't have my camera as I stopped in on a whim.

Sunday, however, I was prepared. I decided to go down to the Mall and do some sightseeing. First stop was the Washington Monument. Very cool...the view was great, as the day wasn't all that overcast. Spent a little time up there, learned that they do a guided stairwell tour at approx 1030 and 1215 (there are blocks in the monument that are carved and were donated by specific groups of people or states). Hiked then to the Museum of American History. I think I'm still a tad "museum-ed out" from London as I zoomed through. The coolest thing was the Julia Child kitchen. It was very neat to see this kitchen with books like the Joy of Cooking, etc...on her bookshelf. That pegboard idea rocks.

Walked to union station from there. I was tempted to stop in the National Archives or the Art Museum, but I couldn't work up the excitement and truthfully, was starving. So, got a magazine to read at the bookstore and went to the Capitol Brewery. Very good beer (a gold medal winning Amber) and a decent burger. But, hey. It was food.

And, from there that was about it...a long day...lots of walking...


  1. Hey, that sounds really exciting! I've never been to our capital or any of the New England States. Take lots and lots of pictures! I sympathize with you on the museum overloading... same thing happened to me in Europe. SO MANY! ha!

    Hope you're enjoying the snow. The news this morning said you guys were getting hit pretty good. Make a snowman for me. :j

  2. Oops! i lied. I made an ASME trip to Boston and Rhode Island. But I've still never been to the capital! :j

  3. Anonymous9:24 PM

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  4. suzette12:38 AM

    hi jenna,
    you're making me homesick. i really want to go visit my parents sometime after christmas. wave hello to them from me.
    i'm glad that you are getting a change of scenery. time will fly by.