Wednesday, January 18, 2006

4 months to go till Joe's home!

Well, the rest of my weekend was so-so in comparison to the start. Sigh - I had such high hopes for a great 3-dayer.

Saturday night was spent listening to the wind howling through my windows. My heat was cranked to 68 (which, Joe can verify - is much warmer than I usually keep the house) but when I woke up the temp in my apt was 58! Egads! And, I slept like shit because of how loud the wind was. I was really wanting to warm up and relax with a hot shower - but, nope - there was ZERO hot water! So, I called maintenance and then came into work for a bit to work on interview reports and my contract for my next rotation (still in DC).

Got a call from Joe while I was at work (yay!) and then left to go back and take a hot shower - well - still no freaking hot water. The pilot light blew out again - and I'd light it myself but it's behind a locked door at my place (that I don't have a key to). At least my complex has a gym!
Went to an ELP'ers house in Maryland for a great dinner (Endive au Gratin) and conversation. Very nice as it was the first time I have gotten together with even some of them outside of the program. Great evening and I'm hoping to do it again while I'm in DC.

Then Monday I didn't do squat. Felt in a funk - partially because I had warm water but not hot water. They must have screwed with the temperature control...didn't do much - drove around. Got more research done for the ELP project.

Ready to start another week!

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  1. paasher@ameritech.net2:31 AM

    What a wretched weekend (aside from the nice dinner). Joe's coming home in April?

    Love you,