Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another week down.

Upon reflection of last weekend at home - I think I spent more time away from home than at home. But, at least while I was there it was good. I got fires going, got the slightly musty smell out of the house...but, it was empty without the critters and Joe. Oh well - that'll change soon!

It was an interesting experience at work - I didn't really feel very "shipyardy" as I was trying to look at everything through HQ eyes. What the heck does that mean? Well - I guess it just meant that I was trying to see past the line of BS that is put out there and looking for the questions behind the good lines. Did I succeed? I don't know. I do know that I have a better feel for how individuals at the yard feel about what we're doing at HQ (availability assessment). When I come back to the yard, hopefully I'll be able to ask the hard questions if I see things aren't going right...hopefully.

When I got back to HQ, I had an interview with an SES over in one of the PEOs (Program Executive Office). Needless to say - he's a dynamic person. To hear how he talks about the changes he's been able to implement, how he got buy-in from the PEO personnel. Pretty cool stuff.

Ok - so this weekend has been good. Yesterday I went to the National Building Museum where they have this cool exhibit on concrete right now. I think Eric and Joe's dad would dig it. It was mostly how concrete has been used in modern architecture - there were pictures of all these buildings and small demo objects of some advances in concrete production - floating concrete, light transmitting concrete (with embedded layers of glass) and then concrete with a series of pinholes to allow light to show through. However - no pictures - no cell phones (as I was shooed out of the exhibit when my phone went off) and NO TOUCHING! The building itself was beautiful - huge columns all the way up to the ceiling. I'll post pics when I get home again.

Also while I was there, I stopped at the National Law Enforcement memorial. It's nice - there's lions and lionesses guarding cubs on either end of the memorial. Very simple - but powerful.

Was going to go to the Archives to see the Emancipation Proclamation (only on display for MLK weekend every year due to condition of the document) but decided to keep going and go back to the Native American Museum. Spent a little more time there, hunted for anniversary presents for my parents...and had a great lunch in their awesome cafeteria. It's got to be the best museum cafeteria out there! There are regional dishes from the different tribes - so from the NW is salmon, trout and dungeness crab soup. Other areas have buffalo, fry bread, etc, etc. Yummy.

Watched the Seahawks kick butt last night! Not that I care all that much, but it was a good chance to relax with people from work.


  1. The Native American museum sounds wonderful. Even if I (or Dad and I) can't come for a week, maybe I (we) can make it for a long weekend.

    Love you tootsie!

  2. Hi Tootsie,

    I think I would have loved the concrete museum, too! That sounds really neat and I'm suprised they wouldn't let you take photos... I mean, come-on, it's CONCRETE! It's not going to break down with a little light.

    "Best Museum Cafeteria" ... Too funny! But I only jest because I'm jealous.

    Take care! :j