Monday, January 23, 2006

More sightseeing!

rI can tell this is actually turning into a travelogue (sp?). But, that's ok...

Friday wasn't too exciting. Decent weather - went and ran a couple of errands. Got a steal on some foam stamps from AC Moore - normally $10 and I got them for $3.25.

Saturday the weather was amazing. I went to the mall to check out the museums again. Went the the Hirshorn just for kicks...and didn't stay too long (modern art - which is great if that's your thing - but I didn't feel like looking at a blue canvas with a stripe of white down the middle and interpreting it to mean the crossroads of one's life, etc, etc). Saw the new exhibit at the Archives "The Way We Work" and it was just stunning - a collection of photos from american history depticting people working - at Electric Boat in Groton (back in the early days of submarines) to cotton gin workers to a man working in the middle of a turbine at Westinghouse. There was a great picture of engineers (men, of course) working in rows and rows of desks with drawings spread out. All of them had white shirts and black bowties on.

Oh, what else did I do...hmmm...I went up to the National Geographic society to look at a couple of beautiful photography exhibits there. Oh and I went to the Air and Space Museum to check out Space Ship One! It's pretty cool - hanging right in the entryway. I'll post pics eventually...when I get home. ETA - Duh! And I saw a great IMAX movie too!

Then I went down Alexandria to walk around old town - the whole time thinking "I should really call Tracey and Chris and see what they're up to" when lo and behold - Tracey calls! Yay! I headed over there a little later...I probably should have just dropped by on Sunday vice Saturday as I think it was a little late in the evening for visitors with a baby - I know they were trying to get Madi down. Sigh. Lesson learned.

Sunday was another nice day - I knew after talking with Joe and running around (gotta love FAR at Staples!) that I didn't want to sit in the apt so I drove over to Ft Myer and then walked to Arlington Cemetery. Arlington is a neat place to wander around...lots of history...

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  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    hey jen,
    i just got all my mail from when i was gone. thanks for all the stickers. i really enjoy reading about your time in d.c. would love to see pictures of old town.