Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Template

Ok - I was trying to add the links on the sidebar and just decided to change the whole damn template. I'll probably change it back soon - we'll see.

So - let me explain the links a little - they're blogs I check daily (can I add yours Jason??) and other great sites. Most are scrapbooking related...but there are a couple of ones that just rock in general.


  1. Go Fer it!

    I'd love to atually get people who leave comments, so the more the merrier. Post away!

    P.S. How do you make your unwanted comments completely disappear? Mine always say removed by administrator, but i noticed you removed one the other day and it doesn't show up at all.

  2. Post Away! I'd love to get some people over to my blog who actually leave comments.

    Speaking of comments, how did you go about completely removing a comment the other day. When I try to remove a comment it always ends up saying "removed by administrator" and everyone thinks the fuzz stepped in when was really just me removing spam.


  3. Oh, and now i see you're reviewing posts before allowing them. Sweet.

    I very much like the colors of the new blog. Very disco ball swank.


  4. paasher@ameritech.net1:32 PM

    Your travelogues sound wonderful! I like the new template as well.

    Paso doble wasn't so good. Still like 'Strictly Ballroom's' version better, but 'Dancing With the Stars' has a large entertainment factor!