Monday, January 30, 2006


As anyone who has been to our house knows - I love books. I have a weakness for them. Nice paper, nice typeface. I've even been known to buy a nicer edition of a book if it's one I truly enjoy.

In addition to marking times in my life with music - and who doesn't have songs that evoke particular memories - I have memories associated with books. Am I weird?

Little Women - one of the first "big" books I read. I think the first book I cried while I was reading (and certainly not the last!)
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - my mom teaching
Blue Sword - the book on my mom's nightstand throughout my life. Constant urging to read it - I finally did in 2004 while I was in San Diego.
Fountainhead - High school (when I was trying to read it for a scholarship) and then college - when I finished it. I got so mad the first time - I physically couldn't finish it.

And - books I want to read still
Frank McCourt - Teacher Man - heard an interview with him on NPR and it sounds like a great memoir
The Artists Way
Blown Cover

I hit the jackpot last weekend - I went downstairs to check my mail and lo and behold!!! Someone has left books on the entryway table that they were giving away! I think I found 7 or so interesting sounding books...

Am I the only one who has piles and piles of books still waiting to be read? I have management/leadership books, military history, classics, cookbooks, modern fiction, feminist stuff, travel essays. Sheesh! It's endless. And then the library has a bunch of books waiting for me (on hold).

Other random items - I am HOOKED on Project Runway (Bravo) and Dancing with the Stars. Just hooked, I say.

I'll update with weekend stuff a little later in the week.

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  1. Ah, Howard Roark. He's no John Galt, but I loved the book none the less. Now, if you haven't read Atlas Shrugged, then you really haven't read Ayn Rand. You just gotta!

    My first "big book" was Watership Down. I saw it in 3rd grade and wanted to read it and my teacher told me I couldn't. Bah! My grandmother bought it for me and my mom helped me through it.

    We have plenty of books. Mayhap too many. But we just bought some new shelves at Costco, so we're making room for more! When you do finally come over, you can peruse through our library. :j