Monday, January 09, 2006


So, the buttercream frosting rocked. It was amazing. Of course, 4 sticks of butter will do that to something.

Random facts about me - I'm a cookbook fiend. I think it's one of those genetic things - ala the "Irvine wrist" for those in the know. My mom loves cookbooks, my aunt loves cookbooks. So, it usually doesn't take too much to talk me into a new cookbook. My good friend Seanda recommended "The Silver Spoon" - an Italian classic (think Joy of Cooking) that has been translated into English for the first time. When I saw it at Costco, I had to get it. And, it's stunning. The style of cooking is so different than American cooking. If you see this book - get it! It's one of those "bibles" that I know I'll refer to when I need a recipe for, say, ANYTHING!

So, work was good today. A little weird to be back in the yard but to be an outsider as well. But, 260 is still 260 and I feel the love there.

I scrapped a little tonight (finally!). I'm definitely bringing my card making stuff back to DC this time. There were too many nights of working out, having dinner and then munching on the couch! No more, I say!

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