Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Goings on

So, not a whole lots going on. Just random stuff:

Mom and Dad (Marianne and Joe) are coming for the weekend - so I'm looking forward to finally getting to see the International Spy Museum and I'm thinking we'll go to mass at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Since I have no idea where there's a church by me - and this one is supposed to be gorgeous - figured it might be worth it to trek up there for mass! The question - drive or metro. Something to work on this week.

Note to self: take more pictures! I really need to get out with my camera and just play. There's a spot coming out of Ft Myer that has a spectacular view of the monuments and the mall. I just need to pull off the side of the road and jump out there.

I'm thinking of getting a custom collage made from this artist. I can only imagine what she'd do with pictures of Joe, me, Sabot and Yankee. Something to think about for when I get back. And - I think she's a local to the Seattle area! Even better - supporting local artists.

The tragedy of the week - I have spent over an hour on the phone (mostly waiting) with the IT support people yesterday. Seems in my move from one organization to another my "safe" drive (where I was supposed to store files so I could have them no matter where in the Navy I went) had all the files go missing. Wonderful. All my research for my ELP team was on there. All my in-process papers. Updated resume. Everything. So much for safe. I'd be more upset if I had already migrated everything I have still on "legacy" in the SY. But, I didn't. Sigh. It's just so typical.


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    take the metro. i think that taht's how we got there. you need me to take the pictures. you mocked me for taking pics of random crap, but now you like my photos. Big Ben does not lean like the Tower of Pisa.

  2. suzette8:26 PM

    that collage thing is cool.
    i may try that as a scrapbook page or homeschool project.