Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Weekend...and then...

It was a pretty good weekend. Cold...but clear.

Marianne and Joe came down from Jersey for Saturday / Sunday. We saw some of the sights in DC that they hadn't seen. The WWII memorial, Spy Museum (a new one for me also) and then Harry Potter in Imax. WWII was lovely as always - plus it was actually a chance to have someone take pics of me (as opposed to me taking pics of everything without any people in it). The Spy Museum was a lot of fun. The amount of stuff they had and the info in there was just great. I, of course, had to crawl in the ducting overhead. I'd like to go back again - but it's one of those that they charge to get in. Oh - and their bookstore rocks - they have a great variety of espionage books.

The evening ended with some garlic fries (and dinner) at Gordon Biersch followed by seeing Harry Potter in Imax (again). I was dying to talk about book 5 and 6 after walking out of the movie - only to realize they (Marianne and Joe) hadn't read the books yet. Argh!

Sunday we went to mass at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. What a beautiful church. And - there were something like 6 priests at mass. With all the shortages in the church! Followed it up with a geocache and then lunch. After lunch, I managed to drive all the way to Quantico on US 1 before realizing I turned the wrong way for Mt. Vernon. Huh. So - we took the scenic routes to Mt Vernon and then back to DC...My navigation skills are lacking outside of Arlington. But - it worked out well. I know enough to figure out how to get back without always flipping u-turns.

Monday I was a little restless. I ran a few errands in the AM. And then headed to Old Town Alexandria again. I was dying to go to the Torpedo art factory and it didn't disappoint. To be able to see artists working in their studios...watching the creative process behind what they produced. I fell in love with one studio in particular - it was 4 younger (30-ish) women: 3 jewelers and one woman who made purses from old textiles and tweeds. The purses were so well made, beautiful colors...and $180 each. Sigh - I'll keep on dreaming.

I'm getting antsy to be HOME again. I enjoy being away but there's so much I need to get done in the limited time before Joe gets back. Organize scrapbook stuff (this involves buying shelves and maybe a chair); finish the living room; get pictures matted and framed for: living room, dining room, etc, etc. I think I need another bookcase - but I'm sick of the cheap Ikea bookcases (especially after Jason raved about the Costco ones). Get stuff planted in the garden. Take care of the yard. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

ARGH! Getting a little overwhelmed thinking about all of it. We'll see how much gets done with just me.

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