Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well - it's been interesting.

Let's see - for the mundane stuff - I changed out my Impala last week for a Subaru Outback. Always wanted to get one and it came in handy with the weather this weekend.
Thursday was my last day at WNY. It was a good brief - all the really hard stuff was directed towards the people on the phone so I just had to stand back and let it happen. The previous day I had a little meeting with the Admiral on Wed so during my little plaque presentation he had a few nice things to say.

Then I started at my new rotation. I'm swimming in a sea of budgetary acronyms. Holy cow - at least at WNY I understood most of what was going on around me. Here - it's all gibberish. And I can see that I"m going to have to challenge myself to get out and get into conversations. Because there's so much going on around me here and I don't think people are going to share their work with someone only here for a month. And, I need to get cranking on my rotation report for WNY - 5 - 10 pages on 2 months. We'll see how I do. My goal is to have it done by this Friday.
Thursday night had dinner with a couple of my co-workers from WNY. We went and had $1/piece sushi nigri. Very yummy! Not huge portions, but good none-the-less.

Friday I moved to the Metropolitan. It's nice - there's a business center so I can check my email at night and on weekends. And - the place is much quieter. That doesn't mean I'm sleeping any better - but will soon hopefully.

The weekend was pretty dull - save the 8 inches of snow that fell on Saturday night. I didn't go do any sightseeing - just ran errands on both days. Bought more scrapbooking stuff (but, hey - it was on sale or I had 40% off coupons). I've already scoped out the 2 idea books for my 50% off coupons that are good in a couple of weeks. But - for the snow. It snowed Saturday night and there's liberal leave today in DC. I wonder how many people take advantage of that stuff. I know some people commute 2.5 hours each way (makes my 50 minutes seem like nothing).

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  1. TWO and a HALF HOURS... EACH WAY! No way! I could just about fly from here to San Diego in 2-1/2 hours each way.
    Maybe I'm spoiled by my walk to work mentality, but that just seams wrong.