Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I'm almost to the point of bouncing off the cube walls...

Going to Office Depot to ship 3 boxes home tonight! Yay!

Can't WAIT to get home. Called my awesome friends about the critters and they're both doing very well. Both have told me that my animals will need other cats (for Yankee) and dogs (for Sabot) to keep them company.

My friend who is watching Sabot has 2 other large dogs - a german shepard (Danka) and a golden retreiver (Victor). I guess the three of them love the fireplace and it's usually Sabot/Danka trying to get to lay right up by it. But she said the other night Sabot and Danka were nose to nose with Victor using Sabot as a pillow.

How awesome is that? I was so worried about them getting along...and here they are.

Sigh. I love the animals.

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