Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscars

Ok - so I watched a little of the oscars last night - both the preshow on E! and then the actual ceremony.

First - Isaac Mizrahi is such a trip. He's just...great. Spontaneous (as he seems to be on his show) - doesn't kiss up to the stars.

Second - Jon Stewart rocked. I read reviews today and there were some negative comments - but I think he pretty much didn't pander to Hollywood. He told jokes for his audience...

Joe and I both love Jon and think that the Daily Show is great. Between than and NPR on my drives - I don't really miss much news.

Anywho - not too exciting of a weekend. Went to see 'Roving Mars' at the National Air and Space museum. It was all about Spirit and Opportunity - the development, the mission, etc. Wonderful. I just love Imax movies. who doesn't (well...except for O'Canada - right Joe??).

Getting packed. Scrap stuff is packed tonight. I am happy with how much of it I used up - I wanted to burn through the 4 kits that i brought here and I pretty much did. Joe's been getting lots of cards from me...

Till later.

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