Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why I love home

I can't wait to get home.

Here I am - it's after 4pm on a workday. I got off a little early, came back to the apartment, went to the gym and came back up to my apartment. Well - the weekly maid service hadn't been by when I left for the gym (3:30) but there they were at 4pm when I got back. Really - isn't this late in the day to be cleaning?

All I'd like to do is shower and get ready to go out to dinner (meeting a friend in Old Town). I'm supposed to be down in Alexandria (meeting at the hotel) at 5:45 - and considering it's about a 17 block walk from the metro - I want to be on the metro here in Pentagon City at 5pm.

I want to have a desk at work where I can be comfortable again. I want to feel like I am accomplishing something everyday.

I want to NOT wear a suit to work everyday. Though it's nice sometimes - the suits are a pain.

I want to cuddle with sabot when I'm feeling sad and get cute kitty licks on my nose. I want to hear the cat purring when she's kneading me (after she gets over being ticked that she's been inside this whole time).

I want to have all my spices and tools to cook again.

I want to have Joe home. More than anything else. Even though I'm home and the animals are home - it's still not home till he's there.

Soon. Very soon.

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  1. The closer it gets, the longer it seems to take. The overwhelming desire to go *home*, but it isn't quite....home.....yet.