Saturday, April 29, 2006

Catching up.

Wow….it’s been a while since I’ve just posted and not had any pics or anything.

Last weekend was running around and getting stuff ready for Joe to eventually come home. Lots of yard work in the awesome Washington weather. Got a new keg of beer. Took the dog swimming both days in the quarry near us – which he as always loved. He gets so excited when we get close – he looks at me and then sprints toward the water. It’s just awesome. There’s so much joy and pleasure at doing something he loves. Every leap into the water, it’s a huge leap and full effort. Hmmm…things we could learn from dogs.

The past couple of weeks since I’ve been back from Annapolis have been hectic. Work has picked up, which is great. I’m feeling a touch lost right now…but it’s starting to come together and the picture of what I need to do is getting more and more clear. This past week at work was awesome – I got to shadow around one of the managers. Amazing all the balls that need to be juggled. Budget, manning, engineering…

This weekend is a little more relaxed. I took some pictures to Michaels crafts because they had a 70% off framing coupon – and my gosh! Even a small 6x4 picture that was already matted was $25! I took my stuff out of that place – and I’m going down to Ft Lewis tomorrow to get it all framed. Now – I did take the lessons last year for framing, but at this point, my time is too valuable and I would spend about 8 hours in the matting/framing shop.

The time is getting short. The first of Joe’s tough boxes showed up yesterday. I got to the post office today and went through it….it’s a sure sign that the deployment is coming to an end. It’ll be hard not to be in Georgia next week. But – I’m dealing with it the same as everything else – just more time on the deployment…don’t read a lot about it…try not to dwell on the time. I think if I were dwelling on this week instead of when he finally gets back to Seattle, I’d be going nuts.
People remark on how well I’ve dealt with the deployment, etc. I guess I’ve been able to separate my “outside of home” life and home life pretty well then. I tried not to bring the frustration, fear, sadness, anger, etc with me everywhere. At least it’s almost over now. I would almost venture to say that in hindsight, this has gone quickly. But – I know it hasn’t.

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