Sunday, May 07, 2006

Catching up

Ok - I'll actually be good and do some words to go along with my pictures. Shocking!

This weekend was great. I flew to Chicago on Thursday...boarded the dog and just locked in the cat in the house for the couple of days. When I got in to ORD, met my folks and we went and met Rosie and Bruce for dinner at this great microbrewery. It was huge inside - and they had pretty good beer as well. Dinner was excellent - mostly due to the company. Always great to spend time with R&B.... Sounds like I might have some visitors next year while I am in San Diego - now I just have to work on making friends on the boat and seeing if they would mind showing a couple of people around.

Friday was pretty awesome. Got into Chicago with good time. I was just floored at the development on the South Side. Around UIC was just shocking....just a few years ago (7 or 8) it was such an undesirable part of town. Hmmm....and then everything around IIT as well is so changed. There are townhouses/condos selling for $300k!

The campus is just amazing now. The new campus center (designed by Rem Koolhas - the same architect who designed the Seattle Public Library) is just stunning. I remember when the selection occurred, we all thought it was nutty. But the flow and the use of smaller spaces to create a more intimate setting was spectacular. Lots and lots of orange as well. The tube looked pretty awesome - much more detail to it than I expected. It really dulls the sound of the train. Didn't make it into the dorms - maybe next time. They too looked pretty cool though.

So - for the awards ceremony. It was very nice - I got a very nice introduction and my write up was good. It was much better than the PSEC awards since I didn't have to give a speech. There were some pretty amazing people honored - some of the architects had worked on some amazing things - the sears tower antenna, etc, etc. Very cool.

Oh - and JOE IS BACK (in Georgia). Sounds like he had a very nice weekend with Marianne and Joe. We're pretty happy with our decision to do this whole homecoming like we did. We've gotten a lot of flack from people - thinking I was nuts to not go meet him and to go get my award, etc, etc. Typical comments from people. So - big relief that he's back. Now to just get him HOME.

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