Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well - needless to say - Joe is home and it's wonderful. The army, of course, messed up his last set of airline tickets so he was able to sit at the Savannah airport for 8 hours. But - I was able to meet him at the gate and it was fantastic. I was amazingly calm till I saw him.
But - it's awesome to have him back. I just can't describe the relief, excitement and joy. When we got home - the dog gave him the most awesome, amazing greeting. It was just cool - the dog was completely beside himself and excited. And then the cat - she warmed up to him very quickly. Purring in his arms in no time. She even brought him some "presents" the past few days. Which is hysterical because she comes through the cat door, announces her presence (which she normally doesn't do) and then leads us to the birds (dead, of course). Too funny.
So - I took a little time off last week and then this week we're set to take a mini-break to cali. Should be fun. Going to check out San Fran, Sonoma and visit Joe's brother.
I'm so proud of Joe. I've read some of the citations and OERs that were written for him and they just make me immensely grateful for him. He deserves all the time off he can take.

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