Thursday, May 18, 2006


We're getting ready for vacation. Well - Joe's getting stuff taken care of at Ft Lewis and I'm at home putting off packing. I'm just tired of packing. I got all the clothes for me pulled out last night in a record setting 10 minutes. Went through them about 1/2 hour later and took out a few things. Not packing for Joe. I just refuse to do that. He's an adult and can handle it. Looked at the weather today and it's supposed to rain all weekend in California. Bugger.

Awesome to have Joe home. We're still not back to normal (since Joe's not back at Pac Veneer yet) but getting there.

Work has been just nutty. Sheesh....lots of stuff to do and it seems like I have a whole heck of a lot of time away from the office. In June I'm headed to Guam and Hawaii again. Yeehaw. Then in July - Chicago for a week. August - 2 days in San Diego one week and then a full week (or so) later in the Month. Man oh man.

Ok - so who watched TAR last night. It was such a great episode. I know on TWOP there's not a whole lot of hippie love, but knowing Japanese and ENJOYING a country so much was fun. The tasks were very cool as well. Good stuff.

Eh - nothing else to really chat about. I'll be posting when we get back from our drive around the west coast! Woohoo!

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