Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cali and Update

I was called a bad blogger the other day... so here's the post I've had in my drafts for about a week with some misc updates on the end!

Well, we're back from our California vacation. We had a very good time visiting Eric and Stephanie in Sacramento. They've done some amazing stuff to their house...especially impressive considering the short time they've been there! They also have a very cool new cat (that I called Leo) who is one of the biggest scaredy-cats that I've seen!

Our vacation included rafting on the American river, playing some poker (with Joe being his usual charming self), going to San Francisco (in the rain...I swear that it followed us there), visting Reno for a night, going to Sonoma where we toured some AMAZING wineries and had a fabulous dinner at The Girl and the Fig. It was just awesome - we both had killer dinners. Joe got the special pan seared halibut cheeks served over a confit of onions and wild morel mushrooms and I had the "plats du jour" which was a lovely salad, then pork tenderloin stuffed with apricots and figs served over coarse polenta and with grilled radicchio (and a very savory gravy), THEN some amazing vanilla ice cream. I also got the flight of wines to go with the meal. It was just one of those killer meals, I tell ya. We tried to sample wines in Sonoma that couldn't be bought in the stores and we had learned from Temecula (thanks to Paula and Ryan) to check out the local supermarkets prior to wine tasting. So, we did well....very well....

We took the scenic route on the way back North along California's Route 1. It was just amazing. The first 20 miles was just nerve racking with the blind turns, cliffs and very narrow shoulders. Not Ireland narrow, mind you. But narrow nonetheless. Sadly, Joe got a little carsick on the way back. Due to that and how far we had to drive - there weren't a whole lot of turnoffs to look at the redwoods, the beaches or the Hearst Castle (which I learned about when I got back to work).

All in all - it was a great trip. Difficult for me as I'm a slight Type A personality and like to plan things, so kind of hanging out and seeing how things happen was tough. But - I was good!

So - the week at work is done and it flew by. I spent all of Tuesday trying to catch up and put out fires. The rest of the week was keeping all the balls in the air. I had a to-do list on Friday that was about 20 items long by 0830. Fortunately, I was able to get most of them done. I'm going to be headed to the ship in a couple of weeks and and spending a lot of time trying to coordinate everything that goes along with that. Even though it's been done umpteen times before, none of this stuff is written down anywhere so I feel like I spend a lot of time flailing. Oh - and Joe described my current position in terms of Office Space to somebody - I'm the person who takes the technical requirements from the engineers and translates them for the project management. Because engineers aren't people people and I'm a people person. I had to laugh.

We saw the new X-Men last night and I was disappointed. Not that I'm a huge fan or know all about the X-men comics. But they killed off a lot of pretty important mutants...oh well. Joe really enjoyed it because there were more mutants he was looking forward to seeing. They did kind of leave it open for another movie.

I've been a good scrapper this week - gotten (2) 2 page LOs done. Hopefully will get more done this weekend. Also need to make 1 more Father's Day card. I like having a stash of cards on-hand! It's so easy to pick stuff out for upcoming birthdays. Thinking about maybe selling some at a craft fair this fall. We'll see. Maybe I can get some other friends to join in...

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  1. BAD Blogger! I can't say's I blame you though. What with Joe home now, who in their right mind would have time for blogs?