Monday, July 10, 2006

Chi-town and Sabot

Well – here I am in Chicago having a very lovely time. Yesterday was quite warm….probably in the mid-80s and decent humidity. My mom and I went to Taste of Chicago. It seemed different than I remember. I recall so many other restaurants always being there. Now – there are so many places selling “normal” food – pizza, etc. We had some good Indian stuff and our standard Eli’s Cheesecake smoosh. Mmmmm….

I love Chicago. Love the architecture. The substantial feel to the buildings. The attention to details in the structure up above normal eye level. They’re not the large hulking neo-roman/Greco buildings that are all over DC. These are skyscrapers at their best. Every part of the building was considered – the lines, the flow. The feel of the material that the architect chose. After living near Seattle (which is sorely lacking in good architecture downtown) and near DC (which is a completely different type of design) – nothing compares to Chicago. Yes - New York is about the closest…

Which leads me to being gone from home right now…

Poor Joe – today he had a really bad day. The dog managed to get cut up pretty good on his inner back leg / belly area while chasing a deer. He’s still in the hospital tonight. Joe’s such a good puppy dad. He had to carry Sabot all the way home because he was hurt so bad. I was worried about both of them. But – Joe made it to our animal hospital….and the puppy is recovering. Sounds like he’ll get stitches eventually but they’re still getting the wound cleaned up – Joe said it’ll be about a foot of stitches. Poor puppy….

I can’t believe how important these animals are to us. They’re just such a part of our lives. The house feels empty without just one of them. Their energy missing – their love. Love the critters. Love what they bring to our lives. Feel horrible when one of them is sick or injured.
The dog is amazing though. He never ceases to love. He always is exploring – always investigating.

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