Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dog Days

I have a dog howling in the hotel room next to mine. And I mean howling. And it’s 9pm. I feel bad for the dog – because he has an owner who didn’t even tell the hotel that the dog was here. I called the front desk to tell them…and they said they would try to move the owner’s room. Huh – so hopefully the dog won’t be howling when I go to sleep. If so, I’ll end up pretty cranky.

And – Sabot is back home today. Poor guy – a foot of stitches, a drainage tube, sedation, a rinse and a cone. The vet said that he was pretty luckily – the muscle wasn’t damaged but there was a single puncture that almost hit the femoral triangle…so – it could have been very bad. I really don’t want to think about that. I love this dog so much that the thought of not having him in our lives breaks our hearts. I can’t wait to get back home and give him hugs and to get some kisses from him. The vet called Joe at 9pm last night after cutting away more dead tissue. This animal hospital is just one of those places that we are so fortunate to have near us. They have taken such good care of the critters.

So – I remembered today why I don’t miss Chicago. The humidity in the summer! It was only in the mid-70s today but it was extremely muggy. Still – just being here gives me such a feeling of home and nostalgia. There are so many memories here. Going to the Michigan Ave Christmas light lighting ceremony, biking down the lakefront, sunrise at Alder Planetarium, the Sears Tower, certain restaurants (sushi and Thai food with my chemistry teacher in high school, Mrs. Dowd), certain times of year, certain smells. It’s just Chicago and home.

Yes – I’ve been gone for over 7 years. And I think that life in a city is different when you’re younger (and before you have the money to enjoy things that actually cost something). I need to get out and start taking photos of the city. Of the things I miss.

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