Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Engineer at Heart

If this doesn't prove it - I don't know what does.

I broke my favorite mechanical pencil today. It was one of those nice, heavy Pentec (?) ones - not the cheapy disposable ones. Not the light plastic. One of those that you have forever. I think I had this one since college. I was pretty bummed out. I need to go pay $8 and buy another one. Hmmph

Joe and I had a nice Sunday rafting. We went with our good friends Dave and Bernadet to float down the Stasop river. It was great since it was so warm out and the river was quite cool. Pics to follow.

Sabot is getting tired of being inside. I can tell he's antsy to get out and enjoy the good cooler weather outside. It's hard to NOT do stuff with him because he feels good. Oh well - soon the collar will be off and we'll have our puppy back to 100%.

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