Saturday, July 01, 2006

Home for a bit

I got back late Wednesday night after being gone for about a week and a half. Had a "pleasure cruise" on a ship. We flew out from Guam and then flew off into Hawaii. It was a good trip - worked hard, was super hot....Guam sucked. I really want to have a different opinion of the island but I haven't been able to see anything but the "tourist" area with all the different hotels and strip clubs. It's supposed to have killer diving - so maybe if I ever decide to get certified, I can check that out. But - the ocean is like bath water. Way too warm for me to relax in.

Hawaii was good. We stayed somewhere new this time down on the other end of the main area. I'm just so done with Honolulu and Waikiki - it's fun to check out what's changed since my last visit, but I really want to get to some of the less crowded places and enjoy the beauty of the islands. And- there were way too many tourists. But - I do love Hawaii. When we flew into the AFB, I was having awesome memories of picking Joe up when he came for a month (his honeymoon). What a fun time we had....

So - I'm home till next weekend and then I'm off to Chicago for work! Yes - work! I'm pretty excited to be downtown and able to act like a tourist in my hometown. Taste of Chicago is going on for the last day next Sunday, so you can bet my mom and I are going to check it out and have a good time there. I'm going to do benchmarking of some corporations in Chicago - we'll see which ones I get assigned....I wasn't too thrilled by the list I had to choose from. There were lots of public school options, Police and then the Fire Department. I realize that the USDA is trying for a broad list, but c'mon! This is CHICAGO - there are so many corporations with HQ there...motorola...caterpillar...etc, etc.

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