Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bad blogger!

How long has it been since I've actually posted? Sheesh.

So – a couple of fun critter tales for my blog update today…

Yankee is awesome. She’s a mole hunter. Yesterday she was perched on top of where a mole was working – waiting for him to stick his head above ground… And – she just rocks in general.

The dog is a goof. I was walking him on Wednesday when he wandered off the trail. He wasn’t sprinting, so I knew it wasn’t a deer…but – that meant he found something to eat. I gave him a little bit and then trailed after him. Luckily, he followed a deer trail so it wasn’t hard. But – of all things he was eating flour! I had to pick up the bag and make sure it wasn’t concrete (wouldn’t that have been fun) but as it was he had a white mouth and was trying to chew it. How does he find these things?
And – I don’t know if this is really how it is, but Joe and I have both noticed that he’s less adventurous than he used to be while running through the woods. Yesterday there was a deer on the trail – he chased it away, but he got to the edge of the road and I called for him to stop. Amazingly enough – he did….and then even today walking him, he wasn’t just bounding for bounding sake. He was really trying to take a “safe” path. Guess the snagging was traumatic enough that it stayed in his head.v

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