Sunday, September 03, 2006

Catching up

Wow - it's a great feeling to be home again. As nice as that bed was at the Renaissance in Baltimore, it was missing a few things - namely Joe, Yankee and Sabot.

So - life is good. I managed to fly out in the middle of the rain - I guess that's my first hurricane! The hop was easy though - no real turbulence, etc, etc - and it was only 1/2 hour or so to Pittsburgh. I got in a little early at Seattle and on the ride back to my car (note to self - Thrifty is still "not exactly") - I met another new person from the ELP program I was in. Go figure. This whole year and I meet someone else - from Olympia none the less! That's definitely going to be one of my recommendations is to have a list of people broken down by state where they work...else I could have met this woman a year ago.

So, I'm back home and then yesterday I go outside to play with the dog and I could smell smoke! Fantastic - out of a hurricane into a forest fire. I wandered over to the edge of our property where you can see across the field and there is definitely smoke. Great.... So, I called 911 and she was very helpful - I guess it's the same fire that's been burning for a couple of months over at Lake Cushman. The weather was so dry this weekend and there was an inversion, that the fire took off and the smoke started coming our way....just a gentle reminder of where we live...

Off to do errands today. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut (woohoo!) and we're going to a picnic at our friends house...

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