Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh my! An update!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged. It is harder to get into the routine of doing this when so much other stuff (i.e., “life”) is going on. Stinks too, cause I have been sitting there thinking “I should blog about this” – and then nothing. Oh well. Something to work on.

Joe and I have had a great couple of weeks. Work for both of us has been nutty and pretty busy. It surely makes the days go by faster!

A couple of weeks ago, we headed to Chicago to attend the wedding of a friend from college. This was the first wedding I was in and it was an experience. I was thrilled to be there for my friend – and I would not have missed it for the world. It was absolutely wonderful to see most of the college friends – Alan, AJ, Jim, Chris and Christy and of course Mike. I’ll post pictures later. It really was almost like things hadn’t changed and we were back at IIT. Except that most of us had been through some interesting stuff and our outlook on life changed. I’m certainly glad we were able to get together for such a great event. We were joking a bit about the IIT table vs. the Caltech table. We were all up and talking and moving around – and they were being quite reserved (until the drinking progressed)…they were in the front – we were in the back. That’s ok – we know we went to a school in a rougher part of town… ;-) Seriously – it was a great weekend. On top of that – Joe got to see my folks’ new house and where they moved to. Needless to say – it’s so wonderful to see them somewhere other than Dolton. We also went down to IIT to check out campus – Joe’s first time seeing the tube and the new dorms. Talking with all the other IIT folks whose first time it was down there – it’s a huge improvement. Between the new buildings and actual *gasp* landscaping – what a difference.

Ok – so that was one weekend. I then flew to San Diego for work the following Monday for a quickie meeting. Kind of odd as I was there to just listen and learn. Fun! Good quick trip.

So then I was back home for the next mini-holiday to Leavenworth, Washington for Oktoberfest. This was Joe’s third time and my second there and we went with friends of ours who had not been there for this event. It was a good time – there was of course, a little whining about how it wasn’t as good as Munich (well – duh!) but it was fun.

Spent a full week at work then gearing up for this three day weekend! Woohoo!
Pictures of said events to be posted soon! I swear!

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  1. did mike get married?
    can't wait to see pictures.