Saturday, November 04, 2006


I wanted to get some thoughts down before they disappeared.

Went to CKC this weekend up in Bellevue. Interesting experience for a number of reasons. Took classes with two of the big scrap celebs. Very different messages from each of them. Lisa B emphasized getting events on paper so we can remember what has happened in our lives and then what we can take from those events - hence the Live, Learn, Pass it down title of the class.

Stacy Julian's focus was on scrapping as "self-help" and how scrapping makes up more aware of our lives and more deliberate. Through scrapping we can see trends and make connections in lives of our loved ones that would otherwise be forgotten. Also - scrapping emotional reactions to things - understanding what triggers our emotions (i.e., Mr. Rogers book, etc) and then talking about this. Her time spent with us was just amazing...I really enjoyed this period. She was so natural about her reactions - and just such a wonderful speaker.

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