Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Catching my breath after spending this afternoon / evening getting ready for tomorrow. Made one of the desserts (the only one I'm responsible for), got the giblet gravy almost there and then started the rolls for tomorrow. As I was mixing the rolls - the smell of the flour and yeast brought back memories of these being the holiday rolls when I was growing up. It's the first time I"ve baked with yeast ever - so it's one of those smells that I try to drink up and enjoy the moment for. It's only happened with a couple of other things - when I made the shortbread cookie recipe from my grandma Dora, Cincinnati Chili...those come to mind right now.

Wow - I guess that's what this holiday is about. Remembering the past - enjoying those moments and the people you've shared them with - and then thinking about where we're going.

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