Thursday, November 30, 2006

Turkey Day Aftermath

Well - I've been struggling with Blogger...and what sucks is that I just am not sure at all why.

Anyway - finally got a couple of my fave pics up. The house from the big snowfall on Sunday and then Joe and I out on the hood canal while we were property hunting. First - the property. We had high hopes - fairly cheap (86k for 5 acres with hood canal beach rights), nice area...but - out of the 5 acres - there was maybe 1/2 acre of usable land. The rest was easements and sloped. The view would have been incredible...but - you was so damn remote that I don't know how long it would have taken to develop. It was such a great day though - the drive was lovely with the mountains and just to be down on the water for a few seconds was nice.

Saturday we also did a few Geocaches with Marianne and Joe. Good times - the caches were so obvious that I found two and Joe found one.

We got dumped on Sunday. I woke up to let the dog out at 5am and was stunned. Did not expect that much snow at even got Joe up out of bed that early - which was a feat as he usually doesn't move! We had a great time out there with Sabot...he was literally romping through the yard. It was the first time Joe had seen him playing in the snow like that and we all had a blast.


  1. I am SO absolutely jealous that I missed all this snow! I'm coming in on Sunday and have been told it will all be rain by then. Ho hum, what we do for God and Country. :j

  2. just checking in.
    you guys are the cutest.
    and i love your house. don't sell it!:(