Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Catching Up

Ok - so I need to blog when the stuff happens...not when I get around to it.

Christmas Eve dinner was a good time - we went down to Dave and Bernadet's to share the evening with them. I always love getting to be a part of other families traditions. Bernadet makes borscht and pierogis for Christmas Eve. Plus - they always do their presents.

Since Joe and I had a HUGE prime rib for Christmas - we invited them to have Christmas at our house. It was a good meal - we're both glad that we chose to share it with friends. Makes the holiday that much more special. I believe, however, that I've spent most of the holidays for the last 1.5 years with Dave and Bernie. They were great friends while Joe was gone...

So - Christmas was good. Joe liked his "To the Bar" sign from Pottery Barn and I liked my Ronnie Reagan CVN 76 puzzle that was all framed and put together. It'll need to come down to San Diego with me to hang in my office.

Boxing Day was uneventful - except for the dishwasher not draining properly. I have my handyman working on that now. I ended up having to do all the Christmas dishes by hand today (wed). But - I went to Target to snatch up some bargains and then made a return at Costco. I got home and started playing with the dog when he leaped up for the "B" and came down on some trees he gnawed down a year or two (or three or four) ago. He yelped (never a good thing) and wouldn't put pressure at all on one of his front paws. Great - I thought - the dog speared himself again. I picked him up and carried him to the house, put him down and he was walking WITHOUT A LIMP! WTF? Ok - no gushing blood, no gaping wound. But then, two hours later - I noticed that it looked like he punctured it right in his "armpit". Another trip to the vet. That poor guy - what I year he's had. They doped him up and sewed / stapled him up - so more stitches. The drugs wore off right when I was going to bed last night, so he started doing some very very quiet whining. Luckily - I tuned it out for 1.5 hours. At that point - I also figured he needed to pee, so outside we went. Apparently he was feeling much better because in addition to a mega-pee - he lept up onto the bed (versus the crate or floor from earlier). So - he's a happy dog again.

I had lunch today with a friend from PSNS who retired last year and his wife. Always wonderful to visit with him. We met at Honey Court for dim sum - and it was a great lunch. Good to catch up, talk about life...things other than work.

Joe's being ultra-handy tonight...he's on a roll...

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  1. Have you guys thought about VPI? We've had it for as long as we've owned Calla; it costs a little bit each month, but very affordable during these big surgeries.

    Happy New Year!