Sunday, January 21, 2007


Ok - so let me start by saying that I am completely, utterly, seriously hooked on Grey's Anatomy. Seriously. Since my folks got us netflix for Christmas, we've been binging on Seasons 1 and 2 and concurrently watching Season 3. Which, in hindsight - takes some of the surprises out of Season 2. But - we'll deal.

The music that the editors and producers choose each and every week is just killer. And my favorite character (ok, besides McSteamy, who I could look at all day long) is Bailey. Because she just rocks. The show with George helping her give birth and the "va-jay-jay" lines? so funny.

Enough of that.

Life has been good out here. I was on travel for about 12 days and just got home on Friday. San Diego was good but cold. Damn cold for San Diego - I brought 2 lightweight jackets and was a little chilly. But - it was a good trip. Did a ropes course that consisted of some low ropes (team building) and then high ropes (individual oriented). High ropes was good - it was different than what the Reagan team did in Fairfax, VA - but good and physically challenging.

Had a good time with the people there. These meetings are always a good chance to get to know people better and to interact with people I might not once the project starts executing.

I had my three day weekend down there - Joe had a ski lesson up at Alpental so chose to not come down. I didn't do too much - saw the new James Bond movie, went to Disneyland (more on that) and then on Monday I went to the Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma.
So - James Bond was good. I know it was a remake of a previously done movie but I still enjoyed it. It lacked the utter predictability that the recent 007 movies have had. Liked the new Bond - Brosnan was a little easier on the eyes but this Bond fit the role nicely.

Disneyland was fun as always. I got an Annual Pass since I figure I'll be back multiple times once I head down to San Diego. It was a great day. I went on Space Mountain twice - it was my first time on it since the big renovation AND they had the "Rockin" Space Mountain theme with the Red Hot Chili Peppers soundtrack. Great ride - just a riot. Let's see...also did the standard Indy, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates....oh - and I decided to go on "It's a Small World" since it was all decked out in the holiday stuff. I felt a little weird (i.e, pathetic) riding the ride by myself and the Cast Member directing me to my row thought it was a little funny (she just had a look about her) - but it was ok. It wasn't "the song" for the whole ride, so that was a relief. And the decorations were cute...but I've had my fill for about another 5 or 10 years. California Adventure was also fun fun fun! "Rockin" California Screamin' was also decked out with a Chili Peppers soundtrack that nicely fit the ride. Soarin was awesome as usual as was Tower of Terror. All good stuff.

So - in summary. Happy to be home, love Grey's (seriously) and have a great night.

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