Friday, February 16, 2007

Eggs (and a little GA)

So - I'm sitting here this lovely Friday morning (yay for travel comp time!) eating an Egg McGrath. Joe came up with the clever name and I'd imagine that you can tell where he lifted the name from. But - it has a fried egg in it. This is nothing remarkable to anyone. It's just funny as I can remember growing up being grossed out by the thought of runny egg yolk. I HAD to have my eggs scrambled. Somewhere along the line, I got tired of scrambled eggs and they started to gross me out. They cooled down so fast, the textures were a little weird. So - I stopped eating eggs except in sandwiches or omelettes.

Fast forward to Ireland - we were at the B&B in Dingle and there was this huge menu for us to choose from (my mouth still waters thinking about it). And the local smoked salmon and poached egg really stood out. I thought how good it sounded and figured it was worth a try. I never knew how much flavor eggs had. It was just amazing - those first few bites with the yolk and the salmon and the toast. Sheesh.

So - now I'm all about the fried eggs (or over easy, etc, etc). Down in San Diego, there's this restaurant called 'The Mission' and they have this killer breakfast called the Huevos Verde (I think I killed the "eggs" spelling) that I just adore - with a fried egg. Mmmm....the yolk blending with the black beans and the salsa verde.

Oh - and sabot likes eggs too.... ;-)

PS - Izzy - rockstar girl?! SHUT UP! Sandra Oh was just amazing. Patrick Dempsey rocks. I'll need to rewatch GA tonight - as I thing there was a lot of emotions that I didn't catch. Sigh - dang the deletion of the episode. I knew I should have stopped Joe. Too long to wait! I'm spoiled as I can read TWOP to my hearts content...

PPS - TAR starts this week! WOOHOO!

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