Sunday, February 11, 2007


Feeling like I'm coming down with a slight cold or something. Scratchy nose - headache all day. Bleh.

Went down to Vancouver, WA for a class and photography lecture with the amazing Karen Russell. This was really my first store based class (CKC is so huge that there's not much interaction with the instructor). I had such a good time - and it was fun to chat with her as she has family up in Shelton and is another "transplant". Plus there was military and geeky engineer talk. Fun times. I'll definitely try to take a class from her again.

Since Grey's on Thursday night, I've been stalking TWOP like mad at the spoiler board. What the heck are they gonna do?!? And to boot - it's a three episode arc!

Not a whole lot is going on here. Just enjoying the end of my weekend.

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